Key Research

Process-monitoring via in situ microscopy

Cell density is one of the most important monitoring parameters in biotechnology. Until today, this parameter is mostly monitored off line or at best at line; sampling is necessary in both cases. Furthermore, such methods do not allow for continuous measurements.  more

Process-Monitoring via mass spectrometry (Cooperation with ZAFH ABIMAS, Mannheim Univ. of Applied Sciences)

A disadvantage of today’s standard animal cell monitoring methods is the fact that “cell stress” is predominantly detected by looking at cell membrane integrity. This is correct in the case of quick and complete stress/death processes (e.g. necrosis). more

Glucose monitoring

Next to oxygen, the availability of glucose is one of the crucial prerequisites for cellular and tissue growth and metabolism. more

Finished projects

  • Metabolic engineering of CHO cells for improved energy metabolism
  • Functional characterisation of a novel Plasmodium antigen (HBIGS tandem project, Dr. Ann-Kristin Müller; Heidelberg University Hospital, Centre for Infectious Diseases, Parasitology Unit)
  • Molecular biology of centrosomes and ciliae (HBIGS tandem project, Dr. Gislene Pereira, DKFZ, Heidelberg)