Teaching Prof. Wiedemann

Bachelor of Science (BSc Biotechnologie / Biologische Chemie)


Modul/Module: Angewandte Zellbiologie / Applied Cell Biology

Lecture AZB:

Culture of animal cells, immortalisation and transformation of cells, cell lines, transfection, selection and expression, cloning, cryoconservation, contamination, cell culture media, laboratories and equipment, etc.

Practical course AZP:

Cell culture, transient transfection, immunofluorescence, reporter gene- and cytotox-assays, etc.


Qualitätssicherung in der Pharmaindustrie / Quality Assurance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Legal principles (pharmaceutical legislation and GMP in Europe), GMP requirements in the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, structure and contents of the EU GMP Guide and its practical application, inspections, change management, deviations and OOS, compliance management, CAPA, PAT


Practical semester BSc Biotechnologie

Advisor for practical semester students, approval of semester reports, colloquium with practical semester students


Master of Science (MSc Biotechnology)


Module: Advanced Animal Cell Technology

Lecture Cell Culture Process Development (CPDE):

Biopharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, industrial cell lines, cells in culture, metabolic and process engineering, media design, process design, bioreactor operation, large scale operations

Practical course Cell Culture Technology (CCTE):

Design of a stock culture scheme, Flow Cytometry and metabolic engineering, clone characterisation



Literature seminar on recent developments in the field of cell culture technology and/or introduction to Virtual Reality with respect to production design (in cooperation with KVE Rhein Neckar and Bilfinger Industrial Services Salzburg)